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Re: Klingon names

> What does "ghItlh" mean?

ghItlh as a verb - KGT p79:
  Statues are carved of stone (nagh, "rock, stone") by
various techniques. Thus, among other things, the sculp-
tor (Hew chenmoHwI' [literally, "statue creator"]) may
nan ("gouge"), tey ("scrape"), or ghItlh ("engrave"). To
apply these techniques, specialized tools are employed:
the nanwI' ("chisel"; literally, "gouger"), teywI' ("file"; lit-
erally, "scraper"), and ghItlhwI' ("stylus"). The word
ghItlhwI' (literally, "engraver") is also used for any writ-
ing implement as well as for any person who writes. In-
deed, the verb ghItlh is most commonly translated as
"write," but it always refers to the act of writing--that
is, of making marks on some surface--not to the act of
composition. Its use in the contexts of both sculpting and
writing suggests that writing began as carving.

ghItlh as a noun is "manuscript".

DloraH, BG

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