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RE: KLBC: emphasis, morskan

>   a "to be" sentence. This explains the *Dujvets 'o nuq, reen* line in ST5...

it appeared also in st6 (when the enterprise entered the neutral zone).

>   in this dialect, sometimes the speaker uses the {-'e'} and other times he
>   does not. When he does, it indicates focus, as in, "As for my name, it is
>   charghwI'." When it is missing, the sentence merely means, "My name is
>   charghwI'." Okrand points out that for speakers of any other dialect of
>   Klingon, there is no way to distinguish between the existence or absence
>   of focus on the subject of a "to be" sentence. The {-'e'} is needed for
>   arbitrary syntax and does not imply focus.

so in standard klingon you use a focus in a to-be-sentence. it's 
quite normal that in a dialect (morskan) you can "play" on the 
grammar more freely, but you are not speaking the standard dialect 
for example, in the south of the u.s. you can say "y'all", which 
means that you can easily distinguish between you (singular) and you 
(plural), but it's not standard.
an in morskan you can easily distinguish between "it's the children 
that are prisoners" and "the children are prisoners".
that's all. (?)


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