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Re: Damn Capitalization

Well, I understand that sporadical captialization can be a nuisance.
But that shouldn't affect your writing after a while. In other words:
get used to it. FYI: since my native language is german, I'd tend to
capitalize many words that aren't in english(or klingon), or, when
writing german, I sometimes forget about capitalizing words.

Beside that, how would you want to change it? The letters used are an
almost perfect representation of what they are supposed to be. Chosing
an "x" for "tlh" or similiar doesn t help anyone.

If you would really change the writing system - what's next?
Eliminating the article("the") because it isn't necessary? After all,
klingon work's without.

Klingon's supposed to be a foreign language - and foreign languages
usually have different phonetics and writing systems. If you're going
to learn german, you'll have to get used to "umlauts"(strange word) too
- you can't replace them through other letters either.


Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 23:42:23 -0500
To: <>
From: "Dr. Jeremy DM Cowan" <>
Subject: Damn Capitalization
Message-ID: <000001c22703$086950a0$550f6342@oemcomputer>

From: Andrew Strader []
>And as a phonetic representation, it seems to have been chosen with
>absolutely no regard for the typist. :) Does anyone else get bugged by
>constantly hitting the shift key?

Yes!  And this seems to have infected English too.  In this message
alone, I have had to "shift" 9 times!

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