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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

>>  > Do'Ha' pupbe' tulwI' Hol, 'ach majQa' 'oH.
>>>  (unfortunately esperanto is not perfect, but it's well done.)
>>"the language of someone who hopes" ?
>HISlaH.  <tul> 'oS wot <esperi>.  tulbogh ghot, Doch ghap 'oS 
><esperanto>, vaj tulwI' 'oS.  Esperanto paq wa'DIch qonDI', pong 
><Doktor Esperanto> lo' Zamenhof, Esperanto chennoHwI'.  Zamenhof Hol 
>'oH, vaj Esperanto Hol, vaj tulwI' Hol.

maj. tulwI' Hol bIjatlh'a'.
(bone. chu vi parolas esperanton?)


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