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Re: question #5 'more x than y'

> > X law' law' Y law' puS
> > "X is more numerous than Y"
>Yes, THAT is the answer!
>actually, I already thought about that, but it looks weird to say law'

Well, if you're not too attached to strict grammaticality:

As a form of word play, antonyms...other than {law'} and {puS} are sometimes 
plugged into the formula.  The resulting phrases literally make no sense at 
all, but because of the uniqueness of the {law'/puS} phrases within Klingon 
grammar, they are always understood.  (KGT, p. 178)

Some of the antonym phrases it gives a potential replacements are:

It also mentions that if neither word in the quality pair is inherently 
better than the other, they may come in either order (it specifically 
mentions jen/'eS and ghegh/Hab), but if one is better, the better one must 
come first (it specifically mentions Qatlh/ngeD).

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