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Re: Stalker

ghel Voragh. ja':

> nuq 'oH *Russia*ngan Hol per'e'?
> What's the Russian title?
> Kak nazyvaetsya etot fil'm po-russki?

ja' lay'tel SIvten:

> In this movie, the stalkers are basically treasure hunters in a
> mysterious and dangerous, almost self-aware environment.
> It's based on the short story by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
> called "Roadside Picnic" ("Piknik na obochine" in Russian).

'Fraid this is one place the "original" ain't much help. The Russian name
of Tarkovsky's film is actually *Stalker*, lifted directly from the
English. (Try saying it with a Russian accent, and don't forget to
enunciate the *l*.) I haven't read *Piknik na obochine*, but it seems to be
set in England, which may explain the borrowing. In the film, the Stalker
is more of a guide than a follower, leading adventurers through the "Zone"
described by lay'tel SIvten in search of a room where wishes are granted.
He claims to seek nothing for himself other than his fee. I rather like
{ghochwI'} myself.



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