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bIQaHlaH'a'? (I need a room for the WorldCon)

cha' waQ jav maHDIch qo' qepna'  vISuch. "San Jose"Daq jIleng. wej mebpa'mey 
vItu'laH. Hoch pa'mey je'lu'pu'. qepna'Daq bISaH'a'? mebpa' Daghaj'a'? 
QongDaqlIj latlh vIje'laH'a'?

(loose, intended, translation):
In two months I'll be at the 60th worldcon. I'll be traveling to San Jose. I 
haven't found a hotel yet. All of the rooms have been purchased. Will YOU be 
attending the convention? Do YOU have a room? Can I buy your extra bed?


P.S.  I'm currently scheduled as a program participant. In addition to 
authorish stuff, I'll be doing a three hour workshop with Dr. Stanley Schmidt 
(long time editor of ANALOG magazine) on how to invent an alien language, and 
a one-man lecture on the Klingon language. 

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