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> Your book is good
> majQa' paqlIj

majQa' is an exclamation.  Exclamations are sentences all their own.
You enjoyed the opera.  At the end you shout out  majQa'!  "Very good!"

The verb "good" or "be good" is QaQ.

QaQ paqlIj  "Your book is good."

> his pet steals my food
> sajDaj niH Sojlij

Remember  Object-Verb-Subject

Object - the thing that the action is being done to.
Verb - the action.
Subject - the person (or thing) that is doing the action.

Object - "my food" is what the action of stealing is being done to.  Food is
Soj (which you did get correct).  The suffix -lIj is "your".  "my" would be
the suffix -wIj.  SojwIj "my food".

Verb - nIH "steal".  You got that one fine.

Subject - SajDaj "his pet".

So now, putting them in this order we get:  SojwIj nIH SajDaj.

Also, remember those capital letters.

DloraH, BG

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