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RE: KLBC: T'Anna/ nu translation

> > Now you write "His pet steals my food."
> :)His  pet steals my   food
> :)-Daj Saj nIHpu' -wIj Soj
> :)Sojwij nIHpu' SajDaj

(Be careful of the capital "I")
I'm not sure why you have the -pu' suffix on there.

SojwIj nIH SajDaj

You were really close.

The noun suffix -pu':  The s at the end of steals doesn't make this the
plural form of steal.  nIH is a verb.  Only nouns can be made plural.

The verb suffix -pu':  nIHpu' refers to a completed act of stealing.  It was
completed, or it will be completed.  Perfective aspect.  Don't worry, I
don't expect you to understand this.  I didn't when I first started.  We
won't get into this for quite a while.

Now, on a topic of your choice, try a three word sentence, like these that
we've been doing for a while.

DloraH, BG

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