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Re: Alphabet

:)No, I don't think its ridiculous.  As a matter of 
:)fact I find it a very good question.  One I was 
:)wondering myself.
--- wrote:
> I know many of you may find this a ridiculous
> question, but I will ask it.  I 
> am trying to teach a few friends tlhIngan Hol and
> was asked this.  Are there 
> sounds for the letters of the Klingon alphabet?  In
> other words, in English, 
> we say, "Ay Bee Cee Dee Ee Ef Jee Aitch. . . ." as a
> way of learning the 
> alphabet and the sounds of the letters.  Do we have
> an equivalent in Klingon? 
>  Thank you.
> John

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