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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

>None of the TV shows have ever consulted Okrand, and whoever comes up with 
>they use is not knowledgable about the language. Most of the novels are
>similarly ignorant of tlhIngan Hol, though the novel "Sarek" does have a 
>words in it that the author got from Okrand, even though she is clueless 
>how to actually use the words in a sentence.

I know of at least one exception to the claim that 'whoever comes up with 
what they use is not knowledgable about the language'.  The Warrior's Anthem 
was actually written by MO (well, translated from an English original by 
him).  However, it is true that the producers of DS9 did not consult MO, but 
rather lifted the song wholesale from the Star Trek: Klingon CD.  (This info 
was gleaned from the KLI FAQ.)

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