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RE: monkey (was: Re: A couple of questions.)

> 'e' vIHarbe' je. *monkey*vo' vIghoSbe'bej. DuSaQDaq ghojmohlu'pu'
> 'e' Do'Ha' 'oH. . . nuq ghoSvo'  tlhInganpu' 'e' Har?

ghoS refers to the act of moving physically.  "Humans coming from monkeys"
is a completely different version of "come".

Do'Ha' is not transitive, it doesn't take an object; therefore can not take
'e'.  You could just tack it on the front as an adverbial; or drop the 'e'
and in a separate sentence say Do'Ha' ghu'vam.

DloraH, BG

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