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RE: burgh rop ( jIDaqmo'....)

jatlh voragh:
>   tajwIj 'oHbe' chorlIj jeqbogh Dochvetlh'e'. 
>   That is not my dagger protruding from your midsection. (FTG) 

ghel Holtej:
QapHa'ba' yabwIj.  Halvam vIghovbe'.  nuq 'oH <FTG>'e'?

ghIQwI'vaD DIvI' paqHom 'oH. <Federation Travel Guide> 'oSlaw'.
mach paqHomvam 'ej loQ yuQmey Del. Qo'noS DeltaHvIS, mu'tlheghvetlh {tajwIj
'oHbe'...} lo' paq. Qo'noS 'ay'Daq, (tach, Daqmey, latlh je DelmeH) 'op
pongmey lo'law'.
- taD

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