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Re: SajwIj

> > Sup, ghiq <<tlhoS puv>>.  paw'DI'
> > ram, vem.  paw'DI' pem, QongchoH.
> > qet; ghopwIj ghoS.  SojwIj nge' 'e' nID.  motlh Soj vInobbogh yap, ach 
> > ghungtaH.  naH vInob; SajwIj vIbelmoH.  DaH Qongqa'.
> >
> > I don't know a word for 'glide' (or even whether one exists).  I don't
> > whether {paw'} can be used figuratively as I have used it here.
>/paw'/ is "collide," but I'm sure you meant /paw/ "arrive."  A time
>"arriving" might be an English idiom that doesn't have an equivalent in
>Klingon.  I would just say /taghDI' ram, vem.  taghDI' pem, QongchoH./  It
>would even be appropriate, though less detailed, to say /pem Qong; ram

HIvqa' veqlargh!  bIlugh.  {paw} vIHech.

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