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RE: lIHghach

Welcome to the list.  I am DloraH, the list's current Beginners' Grammarian.
It's my job to help the new people.

It looks like you're saying that you've been learning klingon for a few
weeks.  Well, I don't believe you.  I know I didn't do this well in my third
week, or third month for that matter.

> tetlhvamDaq jIchu'.


> Hogh puS tlhIngan Hol vIghojtaH

The time stamp Hogh puS only says "a few weeks"; but how is it fitting in?
I'm guessing you mean "during a few weeks".  In TKD p171 we see an example
that starts with {qaStaHvIS wa' ram ...} "While one night occurs..." or "In
one night..."  Let's use this same tool on your sentence:
qaStaHvIS Hogh puS  tlhIngan Hol vIghojtaH.

> 'ej yu'ghachmey law' vIghaj.

Without another verb suffix accompanying -ghach, this usage is said to be
marked, kind of weird.  Plus, yu' is "question, interrogate" so yu'ghach
could be "interrogation", and your sentence would say "I have many

Do you have KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)?
In KGT we get  ghel - "ask (a question)"
Perhaps:  jIghelnIS
or:  De' vIpoQ

> pIj jIQaghbej 'ach jIghojqangqu'.


> "Netherlands"Daq jIyIn 'e' chaq boleghlaH.

In KGT we also get  Dab - "dwell in/at, reside in/at"
So you would say {Netherlands vIDab}.

> cha'maH wa' ben jIH.

This sentence could make an interesting topic for a philosophical
discussion, but at the beginners' level we should include what it was that
happened 21 years ago.  bogh - be born
cha'maH wa' ben jIbogh

> wej pong tlhIngan vIghaj.

wej tlhIngan pong vIghaj.

Very good job.

DloraH, BG

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