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Re: More puns in new vocab/moq

--- Russ Perry Jr <> wrote:
> At 12:46 AM +0000 1/14/02, Roger Robinson and Sian
> Jones \(naQSej\) wrote:
> >  lIr - Edward Lear wrote "The Owl and the Pussy
> Cat".
> Ah, I'd thought it might be analagous to "owl", but
> couldn't think of
> why.  That might be it!
> >  I think lotlhmoq means "rebel beater"  - isn't
> there a fighter plane
> >  or military helicopter with a name that would
> fit?  There is the
> >  Sea King helicopter, but that doesn't seem quite
> right.
> Hmm, not that I can think of offhand...  Where did
> you find "moq"?
> Notice also that it's "revel" the verb, not noun. 
> That might be
> important?
> -- 
> ||  Russ Perry Jr   2175 S Tonne Dr #114   Arlington
> Hts IL 60005  ||
> ||  847-952-9729   
HIja'.  jIH       parHa'    Sov  nuqDaq SoH tu'
Yes.    I   would like   to know where  you find
              nuq                 wot.       neH  mu'
(found) moq.  What is "revel" the verb.  The only word
jIH tu'              moQ,       qej   moQ.     jIH
I   find (found) was moQ, which means sphere.  I   
         bel        SoH lugh    -wI pab     'ej -wI
would be Pleased if you correct my  grammar and my  
mugh.               SoH, T'Anna Kirk. 
translation.  Thank you, T'Anna Kirk.

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