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More puns in new vocab

I finally got my new HolQeD and will be updating the New Words List ASAP
(though today is not a great day for it).

I was hit by a series of puns I have not seen mentioned here. Maybe someone
just wants to leave them for others to discover? If so, I apologize for
spoiling it, but...

cha'bIp. I was confused because {bIp} means "hundred thousand". What does
200,000 have to do with a bird known for its speed? Then I saw it:

bIp bIp

That's pretty close to "beep, beep".


Then there's cha'Do': "Maltz wasn't sure what kind of bird this was, but he
was very familiar with the word." Well, many of us know of the Dodo bird,
but we've never seen one, since it has been extinct for a few generations

The cha'qu' has a noisy, repetitive cry, much like a coo coo.

Who are Davy and Daniel and what is erratic and unpredictable about their

More later, I'm sure.


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