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Fwd: [housevaltev] Fractured Christmas Songs

Hoch DIS QISmaS bommey bom valtev tuqnIghpu'.  mabommeH, tlhIngan SuvwI' HIp 
Santa Klaus mIvqoq je DItuQ.  DIvI' Hol bom mu' DIchoHbej.  tlhIngan wo' 
wanI'mey Delbogh mu'mey DItam.  ghIq Denver veng botlhDaq malengtaHvIS 'ej 
tachmey DISuchtaHvIS, bom tlhaQ DImuch.  pIj HIq tlhab DItlhutlh jay'.

vaj bom tlhaQ wIHevbogh DaH vIngeH.


SKI:  House Valtev goes Klingon Karolling each Christmas season.  We butcher 
the songs by substituting Klingon culture words.  So, I'm sending on this 
funny ditty someone sent to me.



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<DIV>This was sent to me on another list.&nbsp; I thought they were kinda cute, 
so I just had to pass them on to you.&nbsp; Enjoy.</DIV>
<DIV>B'Tana<BR>Never argue with a dragon, for thou art crunchy and go well with 
Brie.<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; AIM/JIM&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 
btanaklingon<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ICQ 
btana_qul_mupwi<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; YAHOO&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 
<DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><TT><FONT face="Times New Roman"></FONT><BR>I don't know if any 
of you read the comics pages on Saturdays/Sundays, but <BR>there is a comicstrip 
called One Big Happy. In this last Saturday's <BR>installment, the young girl, 
Ruthie, is singing her versions of a couple of <BR>Christmas 
songs...<BR><BR>Wicker Wonderland (tune of Winter Wonderland)<BR>Sprayed bells 
ring; can't ya listen?<BR>In the lane, snow is missin'.<BR>A beautiful sign, 
they're formin' a line,<BR>Workin' down at wicker wonderland.<BR><BR>Gone away 
is the doofus,<BR>Hot to stay is the new fuss.<BR>Who sings a dumb song,<BR>Hey, 
loser, so long.<BR>Workin' down at wicker wonderland.<BR><BR>In the meantime, we 
will build a snowman,<BR>And pretend that he's from lost'n'found,<BR>We'll say, 
"What's your sign?", and he'll say, "slow, man,"<BR>And you can spill the gravy 
on the ground.<BR><BR><BR>Christmas song<BR><BR>Chestnuts roasting on Miss 
McEntire,<BR>Eggnog rolling down your nose,<BR>You'll find Carol being stung by 
a fryer,<BR>And folks paint daisies on their toes.<BR><BR>Everybody knows, that 
turkey<BR>known as Uncle Joe,<BR>Lord help them that's got no teeth,<BR>Tater 
tots, with their icicles so,<BR>Will find it hard to by a wreath.<BR><BR>They 
know that Santa's on his way,<BR>He's loaded lots of baby budgies<BR>on his 
sleigh......<BR><BR>They don't finish that song, unfortunately. I think it would 
be interesting <BR>to listen to how a child would perceive those songs, and what 
words they <BR>would come up with in place of the actual words....<BR><BR>I just 
thought you might enjoy those "fractured songs"<BR><BR>G'Vera</TT>

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