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Re: Program Alert: "Broken Bow" (ENT)

voragh, qatlho'. <<Hov leng>> 'oH <<'entepray'>> 'e' vISovpu'be'; <<Hov 
leng>>na'vo' nIHba'ghach 'oH 'e' vIHarpu'. qaStaHvIS DISvam, je 
"Australia"Daq <<'entepray>> lI' <<lI'wI' Hut>>, 'ej DaH vIbejbej 'e' vISov!

jIjatlhtaHvIS, <<je>> vIlo'laHbe' <<wot chuv>> 'oHDI'. tlha' mu'tlhegh, 

Thank you, Voragh. I didn't know that "Enterprise" was a Star Trek 
programme; I thought it was a clear ripoff (for the Klingon above, read 
"obvious theft") from the One True Star Trek. :) This year, Channel Nine in 
Australia will also be broadcasting "Enterprise", and I now know I will 
definitely be watching it!

BTW, I am unsure on the usage of <<je>> as an adverb. It does go before the 
sentence, right?

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


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