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RE: KLBC - Practicing with Questions

In a message dated Wed, 9 Jan 2002  7:42:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, "TPO" <> writes:

> > 5.   tajvaD 'ar Huch DIlta'?   tajvaD SochmaH loS DeQmey DIlta'
> > 5.   How much money did he pay her for the knife?  He paid seventy-four
> > credits for the knife.
> DIl is defined as "pay for".  So this says he is paying for the money.
> One way to do this is:
> taj DIlmeH  'ar Huch poQlu'?
> "How much money does one demand for the purpose of paying for the knife?"
> The answer could be stated in the same manner.

Isn't {'ar} considered an adjective? I seem to recall the canon phrase {nIn 'ar wIghaj?}

-- ter'eS

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