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Re: TOS Episodes with Klingons

At 12:36 AM 1/6/02 -0500, qonwI' wrote:
>*TOS*Daq tlhIngan Hol lo'be' tlhInganpu' 'e' vIQub. jIlughHa''a'? [Or would
>that be jIlughbe''a'? I'm not sure it really matters either way . .

Although the Klingon language wasn't used in TOS (since it didn't actually 
exist when the series was created), when Marc Okrand created the language 
he apparently referred back to TOS in order to see what English words the 
Klingons used/encountered. For example, since Klingons were familiar with 
tribbles in "The Trouble with Tribbles", they would probably have a word 
for the creatures. So, we have the word {yIH}.

There are some words that are a bit unusual in the Klingon vocabulary, but 
appear in TOS and so were included in The Klingon Dictionary. A few 
examples are {mughato'}, {'orghenya'ngan}, {qevaS} & {DIlyum}.

- taD

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