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Electronic dictionary

I have created an electronic Klingon dictionary.  Right now I'm having 
trouble accessing my site (and of course ISP tech support is closed).  I'll 
put it up as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, anyone who's interested can email me 
at and I'll send you the program.

- It has NO words.  You must enter the words yourself.  (As has recently 
been mentioned on this list, aside from copyright issues, it's better for 
you to enter them yourself anyway.)
- It requires that the Microsoft Access Driver be installed on your system.  
(It uses an Access database to store the words.)

Anyway, it's free for memebers of this list.  Actually, it's free for 
anyone, but I'm only announcing it to this list.  I suspect that anyone who 
would want it is member of this list anyway.

Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at

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