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Re: Secret information?

> >> Although *{peghmoH} may be grammatically
> >> possible, Klingons may prefer using the verb {buv} instead

> > Meanwhile, it looks like my "feeling" about {buv} is wrong.  I've never
> > told anyone, but I always thought {buv} means "sort," "put into
> > classifications."  Oh well, I've been wrong before.

>This is what I thought of buv as well.

Me too, which is why I mentioned it.  I was surprised to discover that in 
light of the BOP poster, I had misunderstood {buv}.

In fact, when people asked what I did at the University of Chicago I 
usually told them simply, {paqmey qub vIbuS} "I classify rare books", 
meaning that I catalog them.  (Now it sounds like I work for the 
CIA!)  Well, I suppose I can still say that {memvaD paqmey qub 
vIpoj/vIDel/vigher} "I analyze/describe/compile rare books for the catalog".


Steven L. Boozer
University of Chicago Library
Cataloging Department

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