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KLBC Practicing Locatives

I've been considering locatives and other forms of using locations in
sentences.  Are these accurate?

qach qoDDaq 'oH wIjwI''e'
The farmer is inside the house.

DaH HurDaq yIreH
Go play outside now! 
(Adverbs, then locatives?)

qul DungDaq ghotI' vut Human
The human cooks the fish over the fire.

QongDaq bIngDaq So'taH nuch
The coward is hiding under the bed.

pa'vo' qet nuch latlh
Another coward runs from the room.

nIHwI' bach lojmItDaq Qambogh jonwI'
The engineer standing in the doorway shoots the thief.

bebDaq vIghro' tlhe'pu' 'erna'
It was definitely the 'er who chased the cat onto the roof.

qhIq bebvo' Suppu' vIghro 'ej lav bIngvo' 'er HIvpu' ghaH
Then the cat jumped from the roof and attacked the 'er from under the shrub.

wa'Hu' HuD DopDaq pum nagh'a'mey Sormey je.
Yesterday the boulders and trees fell down the hillside.
(Timestamps come before locations right? The issue here is also about the
word "down")

navmeywIj botlhDaq Qong 'e' qap vIghro'
The cat insists on sleeping in the middle of my papers.

'uQ wISopDI' raS bIngDaq targ HIvpu' vIghro'
While we were eating dinner the cat attacked the targ under the table

(HISlaH.  naS vIgro'wIj  Yeah.  My cat is vicious)

And how would I say a superlative such as the bird lands in the highest
SorDaq jenbogh law' Saq bo'Degh SorDaq jen Hoch puS.
   I am not sure about where to place the subject/main verb combination.
 It seems like I've got too many verbs here.  I'm not sure about things like
nearest versus farthest, 
highest versus lowest.  Any advice?   

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