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Re: pujwI' Hol (was Re: jaS jIchegh)

ja' DloraH:

> > > > > maj. pujwI' Holvetlh Dalo'nISbe'bej.
> >
> > mu'tlheghvam qonwI'vaD QInwIj vIlabta'.  yIqIm.
> jabbI'ID ghomvamDaq QInvaD jIjang net chaw'be''a'?
> ghaHvaD neH Dalabbe'.  HochvaD Dalab.

I'm sorry but most of this will be in English because I'm getting confused.
What I meant to say was that my message was in response to what he said.  I
didn't mean to infer that no one else could answer.  I want as many people
to respond as are willing.  Reading their messages and replying helps me
learn.  As I read my reply again I can see how one could take it as, "I
wasn't talking to you", but that wasn't what I meant at all.  How could I
better convey my meaning?

> > vuDDaj QIj Barker 'e' vIpoQpu'.  vuDDaj vIyajbe'.  jIHvaD QIjta'.  DaH
> > jIyaj.  pItlh.
> >
> > > > pujwI' Hol?  DIvI' Hol jatlhchugh tlhIngan, jen Dotlhchaj net qel.
> mu'tlheghvam Dagher, qar'a'?

HIja'.  *TKD*vo' mu'tlheghvam vISuq.

> mu'tlheghvamvaD jIjang neH.

You know I didn't make this up don't you?  It's in TKD.  It says Klingons
will use English as a symbol of rank or status.  I was under the impression
that Klingons thought highly of the language.  So I asked Barker to
elaborate on his opinion.  This isn't a direct quote but he basically said
he prefers the passion and forcefulness of Klingon.  I was just interested
in his opinion because he obviously is very skilled with both languages.

> Sovchu'be'wI'vaD ghu' vIQIj neH.

But it's a different situation.  I was asking someone about their opinion on
a language.  I can understand that you wanted to explain charghwI's
situation but I just thought it odd that you chose to do it in a post where
it wasn't the topic of conversation.  I felt like this happened...

Me:  Weakling language?  Klingons consider speaking English a status symbol.

Barker:  I prefer the passion of Klingon.  It conveys the forcefulness of a
warrior's words.

You:  charghwI's status is obviously high.

Me:  Huh?

This is what I think you translated it as...

Me:  charghwI' is inferior now.  If he wasn't, he could speak English.
(Which, incidently, he can.  He is temporarily chosing not to in order to
avoid ticking people off.  But that's obviously impossible to avoid no
matter what language you speak.)

> > Dumaw QInvam 'e' vIHechbe'.  jIQIj'egh neH.  'ach QInwIjvaD bIchelDI',
> pagh vIchel jay'.

My post didn't include a quote from charghwI'.  I went to the archives to
check.  It appeared to me that you cut and pasted it in.  If that's not the
case then I apologize because it seems like I've offended you by suggesting
you did that.


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