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Re: terms of grammer

>Could someone supply a Klingon list of the words for grammatical terminology?
>So far all I have seen is:
>nown - DIp
>pab  - grammar  "set of rules"

We have the three types of words:
{DIp} noun
{wot} verb
{chuvmey} "leftovers" (everything else)

We also have:
{moHaq} prefix (jI-, bI-, vI-, etc.)
{mojaq} suffix - in the English-Klingon side of the dictionary, it's 
spelled {mojaQ}
{pab} grammar (Note that we also have the verb {pab}, which means to follow 
{lengwI'} rover (Rovers are the verb suffixes -Qo', -be', -qu', -Ha'. Only 
-be' and -qu' can actually "rove", however.)
{rom} accord/agreement. For example, verb prefixes have to agree with the 
subject/object (i.e., follow the rule of {rom}):
{'oH vIlegh jIH} "I see it" - this prefix/subject/object combination 
follows the rule of {rom}.
{'oH mulegh jIH} "I sees it" - this prefix doesn't agree with the 
subject/object, and thus is ungrammatical.

- taD

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