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Re: KLBC: chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?

jatlh peHruS:
>Many dictionary entries of languages other than tlhIngan Hol use this 
>convention.  "To keep something secret" means the user of the verb can put 
>Object in place of the word "something."  The result we get is "to secret 
>something."  This implies transitivity.  While I am not sure that it what 
>Okrand meant here, it does seem plausible.

It seems that when Dr. Okrand intends that meaning, he usually puts the 
phrase that is to be replaced by the object in parentheses -- "to keep 
(something) secret".  Usually, but perhaps not always.  So who knows, you may 
still be right.

(And as SuStel just mentioned in another thread, parenthetical phrases don't 
_have_ to be placeholders for objects either.  Sigh.)


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