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Re: A question

Nyal Meara asks:

> > How do I say "Death before dishonor" in Klingon?

charghwI' provided several examples.  I'll repeat here what I just posted 
in another thread...

The oath is short for "May I die before I am dishonored" or "May you die 
before you are dishonored," depending on who's talking to whom.  (HINT: 
When translating an English noun-heavy phrase into Klingon, it helps to 
rephrase it using verbs.)  These can easily be translated into Klingon as:

   jIquvHa'pa' jIHeghjaj.

   bIquvHa'pa' bIHeghjaj.

We have a couple of examples of "may you die" in canon:

   bISuvtaHvIS bIHeghjaj
   May you die in battle! PK

   Dajonlu'pa' bIHeghjaj
   May you die before you are captured. TKW

We also have nearly the same oath, with shame instead of dishonor:

   bItuHpa' bIHeghjaj
   Death before shame.
   ("May you die before you are shamed.") PK

NOTE: Klingons prefer placing the dependent clause first - or placing the 
main clause last, if you like - which is generally the opposite of English.

And, of course, you can use the always appropriate:

   batlh bIHeghjaj
   May you die well. TKW

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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