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Re: People trying to unsubscribe

As you can see, I seriously doubt that you'll be able to get any actual
help from ANYONE on the KLI list.  They don't like to give the
informaion, although they'll tell someone where to find it.  Here is the
unsub address for the list...

This address is in the full header of the email.  If your program isn't
set up to show full headers, or can't be set up to do so, you won't find
it anywhere, and searching the FAQ... too many have attempted to do so
and not found it.  As to how long ago you subscribed... it's also been a
while for me, and I've also had three complete reformats on the HD since
then, so I don't even have the original email from when I signed up.

Anyhow, time to go.  Gotta get ready for work this morning.  I hate
freight day. <sigh>

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