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RE: mu'mey chu' vItIv

>>chIm chemHommey law'.

>>nuq 'oH mu' <chem>'e'? Dalo'qa' 'ach not vIleghpu'. mu' <chemvaH> vISov, 
>>'ach mu' <chem> vIleghpu'be' 'ej vIQoypu'be'.

>{Surchem}Daq {peQ chem}Daq {pIvchem}Daq {HoSchem}Daq je {chem} tu'lu'.
>woj qech Dellaw' mu'vam. 'a nIteb {chem} lo'lu'be'law' net Daj.

Actually {chem} does occur separately, even though it isn't defined 
separately in TKD.  {peQ chem} "magnetic field" is listed (uniquely) as two 
words in the TKD Addendum.  (Was this a typo for *{peQchem} I wonder?)

 From its four attested uses:

   {HoSchem}  "energy field"
   {HoS}      "strength, energy, power"

   {peQ chem} "magnetic field"
   {peQ}      "magnetism"

   {pIvchem}  "warp field"
   *{pIv}     [warp?] (a bound morpheme? cf. {pIvghor} & {pIvlob})

   {Surchem}  "force field"
   *{Sur}     ???

{chem} seems to be a type of energy or electromagnetic field, aura, 
discharge, emanation, etc.  Note that we also have {HoSchem} "energy field" 
specifically.  {chem} is not part of the words for "radiation" {woj}, 
"deflectors" (begh), or "shields (force field on ship)" {botjan}.  (This 
last probably refers to the device {jan}, i.e. the field projector(s), 
rather than the actual energy field itself.)

I glossed it as "field (of energy}" in my notes, to distinguish it from 
other types of fields:  {che'ron} "battlefield" and {yotlh} "field [of 
land; cf. KGT 89]".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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