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RE: Handwriting pIqaD

lab DantlhIgh:
: You're right-handed, though, aren't you maHvatlh?  Heh heh.

jang vIghro' >^..^<:
: Yup, sure am.

muHaghmoH yajHa'ghachvam. maHvatlh SoHbe', vIghro'.
Zrajm C AkfohgvaD maHvatlh ponlu'.

pIqaD ghItlhlaHchu' maHvatlh/Zrajm. cha' wen QIn mungeH.
'oH 'IH law' Hoch QIjmey vIHevpu' 'IH puS. nav qIj
'ej bochbogh rItlh chIS lo' maHvatlh. pup Hoch "pIqaDHommey" (letters).


SKI:  'ISqu' praises maHvatlh's artistic skills in writing pIqaD

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