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Re: Unsubscribe Help Please

In a message dated 13/02/02 22:32:02 GMT Standard Time, 

> Every single message contains instructions on how to unsubscribe. It's
> in the message headers. If you do what it says in the 'list-unsubscribe'
> header, you will be unsubscribed.

I realise that now.  However, AOHell doesn't automatically include headers.  
You have to click on a link to see them, and that's what I missed.  I 
appreciate all the help I've been given.  I'd love to stay, but my business 
has become so busy now, I just don't have the time any more :-(

Please accept the greeting in my sig line.  Many thanks and Qapla'

*****  Live Long & Prosper (But Die Laughing)  *****

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