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Re: KLBC: SajmeywIj

jatlh DloraH:
>Your english says "think" [Qub], but
>your klingon says "know"  [Sov].

va!  {Qub} vIneH.  mu'tay' Qaghvam rap vIghItlhtaH.  cha' mu'meyvam vIqawmeH, 
jIHwIjDaq ghItlhHom Hum vIlan.

I keep making this same vocabulary error.  I'm going to stick a post-it to my 
monitor reminding me which word is which.  :P

>> 'ach reH vIghro' yach ghaH neH
>> But they always want to pet the cat,
>Your english says "they"   [chaH], but
>your klingon says "he/she" [ghaH].

naDev Huj DIvI' Hol'e'.  bong "they" vIlo'.

It's my English that's weird here.  Without thinking, I used the colloquial 
"they" for the hypothetical visitor, who is one person, but whose gender is 
not important to the sentence.


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