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Re: -di' or -chugh

>[Voragh] wrote:
> >>not nab pabchu' may' Qapbogh vay''e', 'ach not may' Qapqu' nabbe'bogh je
> >vay'.
> >"As for someone who wins a battle (he) never follows the plan exactly, but
> >someone who doesn't also plan will never really win a battle."
>Last thing I wanted to mention -- the "as for" translation of -'e' is
>misguided, because -'e' is only serving to indicate the head noun of the
>relative clause. It would not be translated into English at all in this case.

Of course.  I was just providing an over-literal "translator-ese" type of 
translation for you to see whether I understood you correctly.  Here {-'e'} 
just tells you that this whole thing is a statement about {vay'} and not 

D'oh!  And I just realized that {vay'} and {may'} rhyme, which is why you 
kept talking about winning the battle {may'}, not the war {noH}.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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