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RE: noS

That's also British slang. Nosh means food, normally something easy to
eat like fish and chips or a kabob, or something you can eat while
moving around. I would say that all the time, "I'm gonna get some nosh."
Or "Hey, anyone you want any of this nosh".

Now I'm going to have to look and see if he slipped any other bits of
British slang into the dictionary. I should have realised he did after
we talked about old British TV for about 3 hours. 


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> Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 11:38 PM
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> Subject: noS
> Did we know about the noS pun?
> Tonight at dinner, Verine had just finished feeding Ebben...
> V: "He had only a little nosh."
> R: "A nosh?"
> V: "ya, just a little bit; a... a nibble."
> R: "Where does that come from?"
> V: "It's New Zealand slang."
> R: "It's also klingon.  noS is nibble."
> Verine was speaking Klingon and didn't know it.
> (sort of.  noS is a verb.)
> DloraH

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