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qepHomwIj yIlIjQo'

In conjuction with the Farpoint convention, I will be hosting a qepHom on
Saturday night, February 16th, in my hotel room at the Marriott Hunt Valley

Obviously I don't know the room number yet, but I expect to have signs
posted throughout the hotel once I arrive and set up, and you can always
use a hotel phone to call the room and get the number once it's begun.

We will have many Klingon speakers there, the largest gathering of
Grammarians outside a qep'a'. With a little luck, we might even lure an
unwary Okrand there as well. Plus, I'll have chocolate for you!

So, if you're already planning to attend the convention, I expect you to
come to the qepHom. And if you weren't going to the convention but live
anywhere within a reasonable drive of Baltimore, I expect to see you there
as well. After all, someone has to keep me from eating that chocolate


Baltimore, MD USA
Farpoint Convention, Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn
Saturday, February 16, 2002; 7:00pm
Contact: Lawrence M. Schoen <>
Phone: +1-215-836-4955

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