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Re: bIr juHwIj

Sean Healey:
>wa' bID je DIS juHvam vIDab [....]
>Not sure how to use {bID}, so just did a word-for-word translation.

Because it's a noun, not a number, it's use has confused us for some 
time.  We finally have one example, from the Bird of Prey poster:

   cha' choQmey naQ tu'lu' 'ej tep choQ bIngDaq lo' law' bID choQ tu'lu'
   2 Full Decks and a Half Utility Deck under the Cargo Deck

N.B. {lo' law' bID choQ} = a "many use(s) [multi-purpose?] half deck"

How we use it, or even if we can use it, in combinations with numbers (e.g. 
one and a half) is still unclear.  For all we know, it could be *{wej bID 
DIS(mey)} "three half-year(s)", or something equally strange.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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