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Re: bopar'a'?

Andrew Straker wrote:
>Do you like this sentence? I'm considering putting it in a prominent place,
>and I want it to be considered "good Klingon" by others. Let me know what you
>think of the grammar [...] Just let me know if you understand it. Thank you.
>QapDI' may', not nab pablu'chu', 'ach not Qap may', nabbe'lu'chugh je.

"When the battle succeeds, the plan is never followed exactly; but the 
battle never succeeds if it isn't also planned."

If you meant "when the battle is won, when one wins the battle" = {may' 
Qaplu'DI'}; likewise "the battle is never won, one never wins the battle" = 
{not may' Qaplu'}:

   may' Qaplu'DI' not nab pablu'chu', 'ach not may' Qaplu' nabbe'lu'chugh je.

>... but please don't try to recast it just because you don't like the style.

vaj HIqaD.  (So sue me. <g>)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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