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Re: fish joke

> > gh as in enouGH  ("f")
> > o as in wOmen  ("i")
> > ti as in addiTIon  ("sh")
> > Thus, "ghoti" is pronounced "fish."
>I think I'm just going to ignore that. Most of the Okrandian jokes
>I've heard about actually HELP me to remember what the word are. They
>act as mnemonics. "ghoti" pronounced as "fish" really goes against

Actually, I don't think I'll ever forget that {ghotI'} is 'fish', but I was 
previously familiar with this little joke.  It's really rather famous in 

>ghotI' : swim with the FISHes, that I can remember.

To each his own mnemonics.  Gotti is far enough removed from ordinary 
experience for me that this would not work for me.  That is, I would be 
unlikely to see {ghotI'} and think 'Gotti', whereas I am extremely likely to 
think of the joke.  And in the other direction, I would probably never 
remember which gangster to associate with swim/sleep with the fishes.



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