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Re: Hotmail lo'wI'pu'

From: "Rohan Fenwick" <>
> "Hotmail" lo'wI'pu'vaD jabbI'IDvam vIghItlh. "MSN Messenger" lo'wI'pu'
> "chat"meH tlhIngan Hol wIlo'taHvIS. Qumqang'a' vay' tIghvetlh lo'lutaHvIS?
> I write to users of Hotmail on the list. I'm looking for users of MSN
> Messenger to chat with in Klingon. Any takers?

chorI'meH -vaD yIQum (SoH latlh joq).  jIvumtaHvIS
qaSovmoH.  rut QIch labwI' vIghajbe'.

You (or anyeone) may contact me at on MSN Messenger.  If
I'm busy I'll let you know.  I don't always have a microphone available.

Stardate 2098.7

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