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Re: Question

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From: "Qov" <>
> In the era of Flash Gordon, I think "flash" meant "hip" or "showy,
> good-looking," as well as its allusion to the flash and bang of sci-fi
> rocketry.

The Character Flash was named such because he was as fast as a flash,
symbolised by a flash of streak lightning and reinforced by the symbol on
his chest.

That's why I thought symbolism of a 'hammer strike' in 'cloud strike' and
could be  befitting of pre-electric symbolism etc. I suggested 'eng mup
before but this misses the light part so maybe:

I just realised I don't think I can use mup adjectively so maybe

mup 'eng - Cloud strikes

or even  mup 'eng wov - Bright cloud strike

maybe for full discriptiveness [rur] could be used somehow.


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