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Re: Question

: Quick as a flash, as in Flash Gordon (Name)
: Like the name Flash 

If you want to translate it, we have the adverbials {nom} "fast, quickly",
{tugh}  "soon" - also used as an exclamation "Hurry up! Be quick about it!" -
{pay'} "suddenly" and {SIbI'} "immediately"; the verbs {moD} "hurry" and
{chung} "accelerate"; and the noun {Do} "velocity, speed" (used in {gho'Do}
"sublight (speed)" and {qughDo} "cruising speed").

The only grammatical derivatives I can come up with are {moDwI'} "one who
hurries" and {chungwI'} "one who accelerates".  

Since Speed is also an English nickname, how about {Do}?

If it's a non-Klingon name, just transliterate it: {vIlaS} /v'LAHSH/.  You can
even give it a Paramount-looking spelling: F'lash, F'Lash.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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