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Re: Alphabet

> >>>just won't work?  For example, 'ow', 'uw and 'Iy' are "impossible."
> > I'm not aware of any prohibition on the sound {'Iy'}. 
> BTW, a quick glance at page 17 of the TKD indicates that Iy is, in fact,
> acceptable; at least, it is listed among the diphthongs.  A quick check of 
> my electronic dictionary shows: lIy, mIy, rIymuS, SonchIy, vIychorgh, wIy.

Yes Iy is allowed; Iy' (with glottal) is what's being questioned.
I'm at the hospital right now, so I don't have my books with me.

DloraH, BG

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