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Re: Alphabet

> > Well, there are 2625 possible syllables in tlhIngan Hol according to 
> > we know: 21 consonants * 5 vowels * (21 consonants + 3 consonant 
>clusters +
> > 1 null), so a true syllabary would be quite large.
> > >
> >
>I have not checked your math, either.  Have you deducted the syllables that
>just won't work?  For example, 'ow', 'uw and 'Iy' are "impossible."

Actually, I didn't take those into account, but are you sure that {ow} is 
not valid?  I mean, is there an Okrandian source?  Finnish has that 
particular diphthong, although it is admittedly hard for beginners to 
distinguish from a long o.  Since Klingon doesn't have a long o, it seems 
that paricular difficulty wouldn't exist.

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