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RE: NW Indiana, Chicago area qepHom?

lab DloraH

> > That's a little more fanatical then me.  I'd like to keep my
> > driving down to an hour or less if possible
>I've driven more than a few hours for a qepHom.
>We went to an all night Qe'.  I spoke only klingon.  Early in the night I
>used a word that the other guy didn't know.  We stayed there till 0200,
>while I tried to explain that word, using only klingon to explain it.

I'm considering renting an airplane and flying to California for a 
qepHom.  I need to log 17 more hours of night cross country flying in order 
to get my Airline Transport licence, and neither of my current jobs gives 
me night cross country.  It would be more fun to fly to California 
overnight, take a nap, attend the qepHom, take another nap and fly back the 
next night, than to fly around to random places for no reason.  If someone 
in western Washington or Oregon would also like to attend a California 
qepHom, via a Klingon-speaking redeye service, drop me a line, and this may 
go from stupid idea to reality.

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