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RE: Translating into Klingon

Translating a novel into the Klingon Language, isn't
the only thing that puts your personal life on hold,
your lessons can do the same thing, LOL.  Your lessons
are quite challenging & I believe that to get what you
are teaching you must study & practice.  & in the end
its worth it, in my opinion.  Just thought I would
throw in my 2 cents.  Thanks by the way Dlorah for the
fine lessons you have sent me.  I have learned a lot. 
--- TPO <> wrote:
> > Does anyone have any tips about how to go about
> translating a
> > novel or story or whatever into Klingon (from
> English)?
> First one would need to learn klingon.  Then one
> would need to re-learn
> english.  Depending on the story, one might need to
> research the author to
> understand their style and what they are really
> saying.
> And then one would need to say goodbye to their
> personnal life for several
> months.  (I was single when I translated Gilgamesh,
> which took every night
> after work for seven months.)
> DloraH

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