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Re: pIqaD wrote:

> We don't know anything about the greeked stuff that Okuda puts out except that 
> it definitely has no language behind it. Characters there are chosen to suit 
> his artistic preference. You can pretend that it represents language that 
> nobody understands except for fictional characters, if you like. I tend to 
> simply be offended by Okuda's power play and wish he'd leave language to the 
> linguists and get out of the way of an official canon pIqaD.

Okay, I'll bite... (dangerous thing to say when there are klingons 

Has someone ever asked Marc Okrand about the writing system?

That being said, I personally (and I'm not a linguist, although the 
subject has always had great fascination to me) suspect that an 
alphabetic script would work well for Klingon; the sound system really 
does to me seem a lot more alphabetical than syllabic, and seems regular 
enough in the way that one could imagine being imposed by an alphabetic 
writing system.

Someone mentioned Atatürk and Turkish; it is certainly not the only 
modern language which has had recent spelling reforms and thus are spelt 
in an extremely regular fashion (Spanish and Norwegian come to mind.) 
Personally I would dare to guess that a Klingon probably would look very 
strange at a human trying to explain the concept of an "official" 
spelling, and that they simply spell things the way they would pronounce 
them.  This is another way a language would get spelt in a highly 
phonetic fashion.


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