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Re: lengwIj

From: "Aryeh ben Naphtali" <>

> ?? "EuropaDaq vIleng" must be "I travel IN Europe, across Europe". Can
> "EuropavaD" be used in the sense "TO Europe"? Or is it English interfering
> again with its "FOR Europe"?

The object of /leng/ is the destination you are traveling to.  The following
two sentences mean exactly the same thing:

EuropeDaq vIleng.
Europe vIleng.

They both mean "I travel to Europe."  Putting /-Daq/ on the object is

If you're talking about traveling inside an area, that area is not your
destination, so it's not the object:

EuropeDaq jIleng.
I travel in Europe.

Here, you've got the sentence /jIleng/ "I travel," which doesn't state your
destination (no object).  Then you're telling me where you do this
(EuropeDaq, "In Europe").

The suffix /-vaD/ is only used to indicate the beneficiary of an action, not
a location.  It means "whatever the verb is, it was done for this noun."

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