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RE: Capitals

> >tlhIngan Hol capitalizes a few letters -- I, H, S, D, Q...  (did I miss
> >any?)  The fact that they're capitalized is strange and mysterious, with
> >the exception of "Q".  There is a "Q" and there is a "q", and they have
> >different (though similar) sounds.  For the others, there are no
> >lower-case versions, so why they are that way is unknown.
> It is to go with some international phoenetics alphabet. "I" in
> tlhIngan Hol
> is closer to the "I" in the phoenetics then the "i". I imagine that the
> others are the same.

and H S D are not pronounced like english speaking h s d.

The H is harsh, raspy.  In english half the time it ends up being silent.

The S, you have to slide the tip of your tongue half way back the roof of
your mouth.  An english s, the tip of the tongue is forward, near the front

For D you also need to slide the tip of the tongue half way back.  English
d, the tip of the tongue is again up near the front teeth.

Having these uppercase reminds us that they are pronounced differently than
what we're used to. (For English speakers).


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