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Re: Latest HolQeD

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002 15:07:20 -0600, Steven Boozer
<> wrote:

>qIroS wrote:
>>Is there a spelling error in the footnote on page 5?
>   "1. This is the example given by Schoen, though it should be noted that in
>       Okrand, 1985, 'agree' is listed as {Qochebe'}."
>quSDaq bIba'. "Agree" is indeed listed as {Qochbe'} in Okrand, 1985 (i.e. 
>What Kesler is saying is that, for some reason, the opposition here is 
>actually {Qoch} "disagree" vs. {Qochbe'} "agree", and not the expected form 
>*{QochHa'} - which is not attested.

It is the extra e in Qochebe' that I was wondering about. Are you saying
that should or shouldn't be there?

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